Our Awesome Team

Vaerks' unique solutions are made possible by our awesome team of dedicated people, working hard to invent the next generation of CNC mill.

Direct Contacts

Morten Hilligsøe

Director / Co-Founder

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Mads Hilligsøe

Lead Engineer / Co-Founder

B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering

Anne Kathrine Bergmann

Lead Business Developer

Cand.merc. Supply Chain Managment

Story of Vaerks

Vaerks is founded by the brothers Mads and Morten Hilligsøe. We both have a background in product development, and have experienced first hand what access to rapid and affordable manufacturing and prototyping technologies can do. This is the short story of how we got here.


Ever since childhood we've been building stuff together. LEGO Technic was the beginning, but of course it didn't end there: Computers, stereos, scooters, cars, and a bunch of other machines and gadgets. Experimenting and building has been our way of playing for as long as any of us can remember.


For The Fun Of It

If you don't count the LEGO drawing machine we once built, then Mads built his first CNC mill during his last year of university. Made from extruded aluminum and chinese stepper motors, the applications were limited. But it worked, and it basically landed Mads his first job working with CNCs professionally.


A Dream

After some years of both working as product development consultants, we attended an international trade fair for metal working. The sheer lack of modern machining solutions astounded us, and it sparked a desire to create something new. Something unique. Something innovative. And something better.


Coming True

Today we're working hard on realising that dream. We've assembled the team, secured the initial funds and set up a workshop from where we're developing the next generation of intelligent, flexible and affordable CNC machining platform. It's only a matter of time before we'll get there.

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