Is SimpleMill something for you?

Vaerks SimpleMill is a brand new CNC milling platform that enables anyone to produce high quality components in an instant. Continue reading to learn about the benefits that SimpleMill can bring, or contact Vaerks to learn more about the opportunities in regards to your specific business.

Research & Development

Rapid Prototyping

Want to accellerate your R&D projects?
SimpleMill provides a unique opportunity to instantly manufacture and evaluate mechanical designs.

A Sea Of Possibilities

SimpleMill supports machining in a variety of materials, and includes all tools and equipment needed to get your ideas into the physical world.

Simplicity Above All Else

No need for previous experience!
We have digitzed the knowledge needed to do professional CNC milling and automated all the dificult processes.


Machine Construction

Rapid Manufacturing

Tired of waiting on your machinist to deliver those vital parts required to proceed? Vaerks SimpleMill lets you manufacture your own parts in record time.

High Precision

With machining precision of 10μm along all axes, SimpleMill lets you manufacture your designs without worrying about tolerance levels.

Plug & Play

SimpleMill requires only electricity and takes up very little space relative to the large work area. It can even be moved with a pallet jack if you need to redecorate.


Flexible Manufacturing

High Speed Machining

By combining a 40.000rpm spindle with optimized cutting parameters SimpleMill achieves a high material removal rates. Especially when milling highly detailed parts.

Fast Reconfiguration

A dynamic vacuum table and force-measuring vices allow for fast and secure clamping of parts, while a 130 piece toolchanger eliminates the need to reconfigure tooling.

Cost Efficient

By implementing innovative solutions, Vaerks has created a platform with low acquisition and operating costs, and which doesn't require trained personnel.