Why, How and What?


Our Vision

At Vaerks we push the limits of flexible manufacturing and rapid prototyping into the unknown. We have experienced first hand the challenges of product development and prototyping, and now we're disrupting they ways.


Our Plan

While 3D printing has become widely available in just a few years, traditional manufacturing methods such as CNC milling is still limited to professional use. Vaerks is making this powerfull technology much more available by simplifying and optimizing the entire CNC milling process.


Our Product

We have developed SimpleMill, a complete and innovative CNC milling platform consisting of a professional CNC mill, tools, equipment, software and materials. By supplying everything in one package, we've managed to greatly simplify and optimize the CNC milling process.

Why choose Vaerks SimpeMill


100% Failure-Proof

Through a suite of sensors and advanced simulations, SimpleMill achieves failure-proof operation, with no chance of production errors or unintentional interruptions.


Automated CAM

Never done CNC machining before?
Not a problem!
Vaerks has automated the entire process of converting your 3D models into machine code.


Easy Project Management

The SimpleMill Dashboard software provides a complete overview of CNC projects, machines and consumeables, and also serves as a modern order management system.


Cost Efficient

Getting started with professional CNC milling has never been this affordable!
Vaerks develops innovative solutions that cut cost to a minimum, without compromising quality.


No Experience Needed

Get started in just a few minutes!
SimpleMill includes all the equipment and knowledge needed to get you started, and will guide you through every step.


Big Data Benefits

By utilizing advanced sensor solutions and machine learning, Vaerks is able to deliver a unique level of performance and autonomy.
No experience needed.

Your life will be much easier



Want to accellerate your R&D projects?
SimpleMill provides a unique opportunity to instantly manufacture and evaluate mechanical designs.


Machine Construction

Tired of waiting on your machinist to deliver those vital parts required to proceed?
Vaerks SimpleMill lets you manufacture your own parts in record time.


Flexible Manufacturing

Need the ability to quickly manufacture a wide variety of components?
Whatever you're manufacturing, Vaerks SimpleMill enables you to quickly start a production.



A system that anyone can use!
Vaerks SimpleMill is so easy to use, that anyone can get started in a matter of minutes. Let everyone enjoy the perks of simple manufacturing.

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