Vertical Machining Center

The core of Vaerks SimpleMill is a high-end CNC machining center, capable of doing high-speed machining and featuring a work area large enough for a variety of applications. The machine center requires no installation and will fit in anywhere.

Professional Accessories

The machining center comes equipped with everything expected from a professional solution: Automatic tool changer, Cutting fluid applicator, Chip handling and Probing system. It even integrates compressor and vacuum generator system.

Failure-Proof Operation

Through a suite of sensors and an advanced machine vision solution, SimpleMill achieves failure-proof operation, with no chance of production errors or unintentional interruptions.


Optimal Tooling

SimpleMill includes 130 high quality milling tools, all of which have been thoroughly tested and analyzed to find the optimal cutting parameters. With the benefit of machine learning, this yields an unprecedented level of performance in all situations.

Intelligent Clamping

At Vaerks we've developed some highly innovative clamping solutions that provides fast and reliable clamping of any piece. These solutions includes a dynamic vacuum table and an intelligent vice system that makes it easy to mount parts correct.

Smart Materials

We provide a flexible stock material solution in the form of quality pre-cut materials in a variety of suitable sizes. This way you don't need any additional equipment to cut or manage large stock material sizes. We've even designet a custom storage cabinet.


Manage everyting from 1 place

An online Dashboard allow you to easily manage CAM projects, milling jobs, machines and materials, and everything is synchronized directly to your milling machines. We've even developed a web commerce module for easy handling of customer orders

Automated CAM

With SimpleMill you don't need any previous experience doing CAM work. Because of SimpleMills deep integration between machines, equipment and software, we've managed to completely automate the CAM process.

Big data & Machine Learning

Using the combined machining data collected on all Vaerks CNC mills, it is possible to achieve new levels of performance and reliability. Machine Learning enables SimpleMill to analyse and react to any situation in real-time.

Why choose Vaerks SimpeMill


100% Failure-Proof

Through a suite of sensors and advanced simulations, SimpleMill achieves failure-proof operation, with no chance of production errors or unintentional interruptions.


Automated CAM

Never done CNC machining before?
Not a problem!
Vaerks has automated the entire process of converting your 3D models into machine code.


Easy Project Management

The SimpleMill Dashboard software provides a complete overview of CNC projects, machines and consumeables, and also serves as a modern order management system.


Cost Efficient

Getting started with professional CNC milling has never been this affordable!
Vaerks develops innovative solutions that cut cost to a minimum, without compromising quality.


No Experience Needed

Get started in just a few minutes!
SimpleMill includes all the equipment and knowledge needed to get you started, and will guide you through every step.


Big Data Benefits

By utilizing advanced sensor solutions and machine learning, Vaerks is able to deliver a unique level of performance and autonomy.
No experience needed.

Technical Specifications